Breakfast Club 100ml - 6 Flavours

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Breakfast Club is a range of gorgeous crunchy cereal flavours.


Cinnamon Crunch is a tangy and tantalising flavour of toasty cinnamon cereal with lashings of smooth and creamy milk.

Honey Nut is a gorgeous blend of crispy cereal coated in sticky sweet honey and crunchy almonds all wrapped up in a smooth and creamy milk.

Frosty Flakes. They’re Gr-r-reat! Frosty Flakes by Breakfast Club is like your favourite childhood cereal, sweet and creamy with dense clouds.

Berry Granola. A deliciously baked blend of rolled oats, nuts, gooey honey, and the ripest berries. A truly scrumptious morning snack that you will want to tuck into all day.

Fruit Hoops by Breakfast Club.Those colourful hoops that you remember? Yes, we’ve done it. When you taste the fruits dancing around your tastebuds, you’ll be scooping this down...

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