Xtar VC4 Battery Charger

Xtar VC4 Battery Charger

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The VC4 four-port USB charger from Xtar charges up to four rechargeable vape batteries rapidly and safely. It is battery-compatible and has a big display for precise and clear information.


Maximum Compatibility

The Xtar VC4 can charge a variety of popular Li-ion vape batteries, including the 18650 and 21700 batteries, in a safe manner. Its dual charging connectors of 1.0A and 0.5A make it ideal for all vape kits that require one or two batteries.

When charging two batteries, Ports 1 and 4 charge at 1.0Ah and Ports 2 and 3 charges at 0.5Ah. When charging four batteries, all ports charge at the same rate of 0.5Ah. When charging four batteries, a 5V 2.0Ah power supply should be utilised.


LCD Screen

The LCD screen displays charging current, battery voltage, and battery charge capacity in a clear and creative tacho-style display, giving you all the information you need.


Micro USB

The Xtar VC4 has a convenient Micro-USB port and is compatible with 5V 1.0Ah or 2.0Ah USB chargers, allowing it to charge from a variety of sources, including phone chargers and power banks.

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